appfleet offers unlimited free SSL certificates to all users.

To get a certificate you need at least 1 cluster running a web application using HTTP. This feature is controlled individually per cluster.

First open a cluster and go to the settings page.

In the left navigation sidebar click on "HTTPS & Domains".

At this stage you should decide if you only HTTPS enabled on your service hostname or for custom domains as well.

By default your cluster is available over HTTP using your service hostname. e.g.

If you plan to issue custom domains then please go to the control panel of your DNS provider and make sure it points to your service hostname listed in your settings.

For subdomains like,, you should use a CNAME record pointing for example to

For root domains like, you should use an ALIAS or ANAME record. Some providers may not support it so make sure yours does.

Once your DNS is configured come back to your appfleet control panel and click the "Enable HTTPS" button.

A popup will ask you the enter the port of your application where you have your HTTP server running.

Once you enable HTTPS we will automatically:

  • Open the ports 80 and 443 and map both to your web server

  • Install a certificate and enable HTTPS for your service hostname

At this point your application becomes accessible over HTTPS and the service hostname.

Next add the domains you configured previously using the new "Add a domain" button. For every domain we will:

  • Validate your DNS settings

  • Generate and install your SSL new certificate

Within a few seconds your custom domains should become available over HTTPS. The system will also continue monitoring and renewing your certificates for as long as your DNS record remains in place.

If you have any problems or questions just contact our support by clicking the circle in the bottom right.

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